Environmental remediation can restore a property whose soil or groundwater were contaminated by activities on site or nearby.

Akifer has provided complete soil and groundwater decontamination services for nearly 20 years. We possess a contractor's licence and have completed dozens of remediation projects specifically involving building demolition and repair of concrete and asphalt slabs.

Through scientific research and experimental development, Akifer is able to apply innovative solutions to complex situations and where contaminated soils are located under the building. 


Our work in environmental remediation

High quality work

Our leaders and experienced project managers guarantee work of the highest quality.

Innovative solutions

Our research and development department continually improves our working methods.

Return on investment

The proven effectiveness of our working methods can significantly reduce your costs.

Multidisciplinary team

Our team of experienced professionals handles all the challenges of your projects.

Informed choices

Our experts offer several alternatives to guide you towards an informed choice.


Our Environmental Emergency Department is at your service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Remediation by excavation


Environmental remediation of a site by excavation is currently the most widely used method in Quebec.

This method involves excavating contaminated soil and transporting it by dump truck to an authorized treatment site. Soils are subsequently replaced by clean soils.

Pumped and treated groundwater treatment operations are also carried out as part of this work.

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Remediation by ex situ treatment

Ex situ treatment is a decontamination method which involves excavating contaminated soils and putting them in a bio-pile on an on-site temporary treatment platform. Once decontaminated, the soils are reused on site for excavation backfill.

This approach provides substantial cost savings when large amounts of contaminated soils are involved. In this work, pumping and decontamination of groundwater are also carried out. 

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Remediation by in situ treatment


In situ treatment is a decontamination method that involves treating soil and groundwater in situ, without excavation or pre-pumping, using techniques such as chemical oxidation, soil vapour extraction, air injection, leaching, heat treatment, etc.

This approach is particularly used where contaminated soils are under infrastructure or at depth.

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Mobile water treatment unit

During environmental remediation of oil-affected soils, the water table is frequently intercepted during excavation work. In these cases, groundwater is likely to be contaminated by these hydrocarbons. Water volume may be enormous in many situations, particularly in permeable soils such as sand and gravel. 

To minimize disposal costs, mobile water treatment units are available for on-site treatment directly from the excavations. 

Akifer offers water treatment services at several liters per minute to several thousands of liters per minute. Treatment methods are recognized by le ministère du Développement durable, de l’Environnement et de la Lutte contre les changements climatiques/ Ministry of Sustainable Development, Environment and Climate Change (MDDELCC).

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Contaminated soil treatment facilities


The design and management of permanent contaminated soil treatment facilities is offered as a turnkey service. Akifer manages all stages required for construction and operation of a treatment facility in strict compliance with regulations.

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  • Environmental Studies
  • Application for Certificate of Approval
  • Construction estimates
  • Construction planning and management
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Treatment facility operation