Akifer's team of specialists is made of up three senior hydrogeologists with over 60 years of experience in geophysical and hydrogeological studies. We have completed projects in more than 140 cities and municipalities for groundwater search and water vulnerability analysis.

Akifer has submersible cameras to find better solutions for drinking water wells. Look to our expertise for your hydrogeological projects!


Our work in hydrogeology

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Aquifer management and monitoring of drinking water wells


This service performs quantitative and qualitative aquifer management as well as monitoring output of sample sites used for potable water supply.

This work is intended to minimize operational and maintenance costs of the structures and avoid temporary or permanent interruption of drinking water sources.

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Camera inspection of wells

Inspection by camera permits observation of the interior of catchment structures and to check the condition of its components (casing, strainer, ram/slide, drive shoe, etc.).

These observations can determine if corrections are needed to keep the well in optimal condition.

This service is available for all types of catchment works:

  • Municipal wells
  • Private wells
  • Wells with strainer
  • Wells in rock
  • Collector wells
  • Drain

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Cleaning and rehabilitation of wells


The aim of this work is to restore structural performance. Deterioration generally occurs after several years of use and can be caused by bacteriological or chemical contamination or misuse (overpumping, overuse, poor positioning of equipment, etc.).

Cleaning and rehabilitation of a well involves mechanical brushing of the components, with or without the use of dissolving acid, and a development stage is conducted.

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Water vulnerability study

Protective areas must be established around groundwater extractions to protect the integrity of the water collected.

The definition of these areas is a requirement to obtain approval from the Minister to use extraction for drinking water supply. 

An inventory of activities likely to affect the quality and quantity of water samples must also be conducted within these areas.

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Groundwater flow


Hydrogeological studies consist of obtaining and analyzing information required to define and understand groundwater flow in a given area.

Understanding hydrogeological context can help predict behaviour of contaminants or prevent contamination.

Akifer's multidisciplinary team is available for your environmental hydrogeology projects.

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  • Definition of underground flows
  • Development of conceptual models (underground flow and contamination)
  • Characterization and monitoring of groundwater quality
  • Contaminant migration study
  • Groundwater impact assessment
  • Numerical modeling of underground flow
  • Selection of waste snow disposal sites
  • Selection of safe landfills
  • Design of recovery well acting as hydraulic trap